Every Organization is an Experiment

Every organization is an experiment. The purpose of the experiment is to keep the experiment going –  enable the organization to survive and achieve its maximum potential or benefit, however you define it. But the game keeps changing. Management (people!), markets, technologies, political, social and economic environments are continuously changing. So-called facts and reality change. They require changes in perceptions, assumptions and strategies, possibly shifts in power or leverage. Concepts of stability or permanence in business are delusions.


We are under constant pressure to re-adapt and innovate, or the experiment will fail. Sometimes we get caught up in egocentric self-hypnosis, skilled incompetence and delusions. We need to be reminded frequently that the purpose of the experiment is essentially to keep the experiment going or the organization will be lost. That’s It!


The majority of managers do not know how to keep the experiment going. They know how to analyze the organization as if it was a machine, they know about the relationships of its functions. Yet things still fall apart unless they learn how to recognize and understand the human energies that drive the machine.


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